“I am very pleased with the program at DPI. Michael loves going to work and it’s hard to convince him that it’s ok to take off! He continues to grow more independent and I believe his interactions with the staff and their prompts are a big factor in this. The staff is very open to suggestions that I have made including having Michael phone me every day as a means to have him practice communication skills. The staff also goes beyond the duties of the program. Michael is involved in a drama program and on the night of the play several staff members came to the theater to see him act in the play. Their care and concern is evident. My husband and I were very touched by this show of support for Michael and he was thrilled to have them in the audience.”

Elaine D.

“My brother, Joseph, has been working and learning at DPI for several years. He absolutely loves the program and never wants to miss a day. The program coordinators and job coaches are extremely patient, kind, and caring to him. The program is a very positive part of Joseph’s day and routine.”

Regina M.

“Michael truly enjoys his time at the Daily Plan It. He loves going out for lunch and I have to say he is always very excited to share his daily experiences with us. I am so glad that he is working at the Daily Plan It, It has given him a real  feeling of self worth.

He also tells us of all his new friends that he has made and enjoys the staff there, and they have all been so kind to him.

Thank you Daily Plan It for helping Michael to become more independent and giving him the feeling that he is making a difference there.”

Yours truly,
Kathy S.

“This office space was intentionally chosen because the Daily Plan It is actually a subsidiary of Community Options Enterprises, Inc., a non-profit organization. All of the revenues generated from office space rentals go right back into the organization, whose mission is to develop housing and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. As an attorney who does special needs planning & guardianships, this mission is near and dear to my heart.”

Rao Legal Group, LLCRekha Rao, Esq.
Rao Legal Group, LLC

“I have been a tenant at the Daily Plan-It for over one-year now.  My experience has been wonderful!  Management accommodates all tenant’s needs and requests in a timely fashion.  Should there be a concern, it is handled professionally and more importantly efficiently!

It has been an honor to serve on the Community Options Business Advisory Council of an organization that does so much for people with disabilities.  Again, thank you!”

Broker of Record

“All the services you need are here. Your phone is answered and you have access to conference space and copy services in one location.”

Chris Strahan, Esq.
Law Offices of Chris Strahan
Tenant since 2003